“What does Light talk about? I asked a plant that once.
It said, ‘I am not sure, but it makes me grow’"
– Thomas Aquinas, 1225 – 1274

…Oak trees know. Their roots graft into one flesh so they may share mutual sustenance, benefiting the community as a whole. When one tree is in need, the healthy ones direct their energy in support. This light-giving flow has enabled all life to thrive for eons.

Inherent potential realized moves everything, even light itself.
It certainly moves me.

My work is a response to this light –

Ideas start as “seeds” and may grow in number and scale. On the move, my interdependent forms and projects dance, fly and reflect in a continuous heliotropic adventure, energized with every opportunity.

Spiral Colony: handbuilt ceramic
Diatom Odontella Aurita: Spiral Colony: handbuilt ceramic